Getting Started with IDS

All services we provide begin with an intake appointment.

During your child's intake appointment, our staff will provide information about our treatment programs, answer your family's questions and collect details about the child's medical history and development.

Intake clinicians will make general observations of your child, but will not conduct an formal assessments during the appointment.

To assist our staff with your child's assessment, several forms must be completed and recieved prior to your child's appointment. These forms and documents are available to download via our website.

In addition, the following medical records may be requested:

You have questions... We have answers!

The Children's Long Term Support Waiver and Insurance Health Plans cover the costs associated with many services that we provide.

Our staff offers many years of experience and are ready, willing and able to help you and your family navigate available funding options.

In some cases, families may also pay privately for services.

We are available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm to address any questions you may have.

Call (608) 833-0123 or Main Phone: (800) 218-3781 or e-mail our Intake Director at to learn more.