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Milwaukee Clinic Closing Policy

When the weather is bad, IDS policy for closing our Milwaukee clinic is as follows:

Snow / Ice:
If the Milwaukee Public School District closes schools due to snow / ice, IDS' Milwaukee facility will close.

Cold Temperatures / Wind Chill:
If the Milwaukee Public School District closes due to cold temperatures / wind chill, IDS' Milwaukee facility will remain open.

The Milwaukee Public School District makes their decision by 6:30am or earlier, and then communicates the decision to all local news outlets.

We appreciate your understanding of these decisions and your support in helping your child get to our clinics safely on winter days. Please know that we will use safety considerations in making all of our weather decisions.

Finally, it is discretion of the parent/guardian to decide whether their child should attend. If you do not feel it is in your child's best interest to attend based on your assessment of the weather, please call our cancellation line (414) 763-2341.

Thank you