About Us

Explore - Trust - Shared Enjoyment

Working to foster progress and development, we work with your child
in every area of their daily interactions, including regulation, communication, relationships, daily living skills and cognitive development. Through this we help them explore life and the possibilities that exist. This can then translate to improved enjoyment between child and family members, as you grow together.
We believe each interaction is a chance for mutual enjoyment.

Let's start on the playground.


IDS has been serving families affected by autism, developmental disabilities, behavioral challenges, and childhood mental health challenges since 1999.

The clients in our autism treatment programs have ranged from toddlers through young adults, and our approach to intervention has always involved active participation by families.

IDS is a Certified Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, regulated by the Department of Heath Services and audited every 2 years by the Division of Quality Assurance-Behavioral Health Unit. Our clinical practices comply with Administrative Rule HFS 35.